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Since 2001, INEKON GROUP. a.s. has been exporting to Italy a number of refurbished diesel-electric locomotives of the series 753.7 produced by ČMKS holding, a.s. As of this day, a total of thirty five locomotives were delivered at a value around 30 million EUR. In May 2004, we completed supplies of 12 contracted locomotives and at present we are in the course of preparations for the supply of another 3 locomotives in September and October this year.
In April, INEKON GROUP, a.s., was contracted to supply a waste water treatment plant to the Jordanian Maan University which is to be opened in September 2004. The plat will provide biological water treatment of the CITYCLAR type that uses of fluid filtration known under the acronym "USBF" (Up-Flow Sludge Blanket Filtration). There is yet another contract to supply a biological water treatment plant of the OXYCLAR type which is to be implemented at the end of the third quarter of the year.
INEKON GROUP, a.s., was contracted to refurbish 32 trams at a value of CZK 220 mil. for the Pilsen City transportation system. The contract will be implemented in collaboration with DPO INEKON and DP Ostrava. The venture is based on the existing successful collaboration of these companies and was declared in a Memorandum signed during the general meeting of DPO INEKON a.s. last week.
It is still not clear if trams will carry passengers on the new line to Barrandov in Prague which is supposed to be opened from 2004. The existing trams are not powerful enough to go uphill to Barrandov, says Michaela Kuchařová, spokeswoman of the DP Praha (Prague mass transportation provider). There will be no new cars available because last week DP Praha cancelled the call for tenders for the supply of 20 special trams. Tenders were submitted by Škoda Dopravní technika, Inekon and Siemens, s.r.o. DP Praha claims to have cancelled the call for on the grounds that none of the participants complied with its specifications.
PRAGUE/MOSCOW - The Russian Government has authorized the Czech business company INEKON to perform extensive repairs of trams in Moscow. INEKON has thus signed a contract worth of 3 million dollars with the Russian company Ricom to supply equipment for the repair of 200 trams of both Czech and Russian production. „The supplies will take place during the first and second quarters next year“, said Josef Hušek, director general of INEKON, to ČTK in a telephone interview from Moscow.