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Three low-floor Trio trams for Olomouc will definitively be delivered by INEKON GROUP, a. s. The Czech Competition Protection Authority (CCPA) confirmed its original decision from November last year. At that time, the Authority rejected the complaint of the company Škoda Transportation, s. r. o. from Pilsen to issue preliminary judgement in order to forbid the implementation of the contract between INEKON GROUP and Olomouc town council.
Inekon Group will build a new cement plant in the Tajikistani town of Shartous. The contract has been signed recently with the representatives of the Izmoili Somonij Concern and is worth more than 2.3 billion CZK (100 million USD). In order to stress the importance of the contract for the authorities of this Central-Asian country, the Czech delegation was received in the capital city of Dushanbe also by President Rachmonov.
Based on a comprehensive selection procedure, The State Securities Printer s.p. decided to adopt the controlling system Business Navigation of the INEKON SYSTEMS company. The methodical concept, the excellent references and a easy-to-use and powerful planning and analytic controlling system of BUSINESS NAVIGATION won under competition of more than ten Czech and international companies. The system makes use of the MIS ALEA multi-dimensional database.
A contract worth 380 million CZK (13.3 million EUR) for complete modernization of 18 tram for the capital city of Sofia was signed today in the presence of Petr Dokládal, Czech embassador, Petr Dokládal Bojko Borisov, mayor of Sofia City and Josef Hušek, director general of INEKON GROUP, a. s.
Wijk bij Duurstede
The unique Czech technology of biological waste water treatment by the company Ecofluid Group was implemented in the Netherlands for the first. Today, INEKON GROUP has completed the first part of a water treatment plant reconstruction in the town of Wijk bij Duurstede. The plant is expected to treat by 30 percent more water. The contract was worth approximately 18 million CZK and its implementation was based on a project by the Brno-based company Ecofluid Group and the Třebíč-based company MICo. INEKON and Ecofluid have been cooperating for a long time in the deliveries of water treatment plants to Ireland, Jordan and Latvia. The European Union plans that if test in the Netherlands are successful this technology should be recommended form water treatment plant reconstructions throughout Europe.
INEKON GROUP, a. s. may start work on trams for the town of Olomouc. The Czech Competition Protection Authority rejected the complaint of the company Škoda Transportation, s. r. o. from Pilsen to issue preliminary judgement in order to forbid the implementation of the contract between INEKON GROUP and Olomouc town council. The contract stipulates than INEKON GROUP shall deliver three low-floor Trio trams for Olomouc at the cost of 100 million crowns.
Inekon Group may start work for the delivery of a cement plant to Iraq. Based on the definitive contract signed this week with the S. J. Company, an Iraqi private investor, the construction will take less time than expected and will start already this year. The contract also specifies an increased production capacity of the cement plant in comparison with the original intention from 300,000 tons to 600,000 tons daily. The value of the "turn-key" contract is 328 million EUR. The cement plant will be constructed in the north of Iraq and it represents the biggest Czech-Iraqi contract in the latest history of Iraq. The construction is also supported by the Czech government after it approved, in July 2004, a support program for 11 Czech projects that help in the renewal of Iraq. The cement plant project was supported by an amount of 660 thousand EUR (approximately 20 million crowns).
In response to the recently published newspaper articles that tried to discredit the INEKON GROUP, a. s. by suggesting that the company failed to comply with its tax obligations in connection with unblocking transactions, INEKON GROUP issued the following declaration:
The company INEKON GROUP signed a contract in Iraq worth 300 million EUR (approximately nine billion crowns) to build two cement plants in Iraq. It is the biggest Czech investment in Iraq since the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime after which international companies hoped to profit from projects in connection with the country reconstruction. "Last week we were granted approval from the Kurdish government. That means that the contracted project may be implemented," said Josef Hušek, director of the INEKON company.