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INEKON SYSTEMS will supply modern management solution for tactic planning to company Magna Cartech. As a quickly growing company active in the pressing and welding of car body metal parts, Magna Cartech will be able to flexibly respond to changes on the market and get a better idea of what product lines are offering good prospects and what is their profitability. System implementation is expected to be completed in the second quarter of this year. Magna Cartech's customers include companies like Volswagen, Škoda, BMW, PSA, SAAB and Daimler Chrysler.
Another important company adopts the integrated managerial system by Inekon Systems to dynamically connect the control of sales results with tactic planning.
Inekon Systems will deliver to Esa, s. r. o. a system for the support of tactical management control. The proposed solution is based on the well-proven methodical concept of Business Navigation and will be adapted to specific conditions of an international logistic company.
The leading Czech brewery contracted Inekon Systems, s. r. o., to implement a new planning and analytical system. The system will enable the company to monitor key indicators across all departments using the complex solution of Business Navigation System (BNS).
Inekon Group, a.s., holds negotiations with Senegalese government representatives concerning the first construction of the historically first tram line in the capital city of Dakar. Trio trams are planned to operate in the city. Today, both parties have signed a cooperation memorandum in Prague. It includes the draft and general conditions for the future contract. In order to precise the extent of delivery which is estimated to amount to 600 million USD (13,380 billion Czech korunas), a technical and economic study of feasibility will be prepared.
Two of three low-floor trams of TRIO type have been handed over by the representatives of INEKON GROUP, a. s., to Municipal Transportation Agency of Olomouc City. The handover ceremony took place in the presence of Ing. Martin Tesařík, City Mayor, and a number of VIPs. The third tram will be handed over in the course of October.
Druchema is one of the few Czech labels that became a synonym for their industry. Skivo, Bistrol, Hercules and Tempo are words that owe their popularity and meaning to the label. The Druchema Cooperative was created through the transformation of the biggest Czech cooperative for chemical production. Today, Druchema celebrates its 55 years of business activity in the field of chemical production for household and industrial customers.
Today, INEKON GROUP has handed over to Serbian Railways two of ten locomotives that are to intended to serve as switching locomotives. The company brought to a successful end the implementation of a 180 million CZK contract. Two-axle switching locomotives were produced for INEKON GROUP by the Česká Třebová plant of the ČKMS Holding. In the last year, the prototype of the locomotive was awarded Golden Medal on the International Engineering Fair in Brno.
Next week, the Czech embassy in Bagdad opens a branch office of its commercial department in the town of Irbil in Central Kurdistan. „It is a good step,“ confirmed Josef Hušek, director of Inekon, to the Ekonom Magazine. The Iraqi Kurdistan is a relative oasis of peace in that disturbed country. Inekon signed a contract in the region to construct a cement plant which is worth 328 million EUR. „We had no problem staying in Irbil and outside the town,“ said other collaborators of the company who spent some time in Irbil preparing the contract.
There are only three corners of the world where Josef Hušek's trading company Inekon Group has not yet reached. These are Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic. „What could make me go to the Antarctic? I am no hunter,“ says Hušek with a bit of exaggeration. His company exports trams and locomotives, builds cement plants and hospitals and since recently floods Europe with waste water treatment plants.
Yearly turnover of Inekon is between one and one and a half billion Czech crowns. Hušek owns 70 percent of the company while the rest was acquired by the Swiss financial company TPLUS.