Prototype of Czech Tram to Succeed in Sofia

Today, INEKON GROUP, a. s. put in operation in Sofia a Czech prototype of a modern tramway car for Bulgaria. It is the first of
eighteen vehicles that are to be modernized under a 380 million CZK contract. It is also the biggest contract for the renovation of old trams that was signed by the Czech tramway vehicle producer in the last ten years. The prototype was handed over to the representatives of Sofia municipality. The trams will be operated by the organization Elektrotransport Sofia. Work on other renovations according to the Czech prototype will be implemented by the Bulgarian company TRAMCAR Sofia.

"The contract includes complete reconstruction of vehicle to comply with current European standards, safety requirements and comfort expectations of the drivers and passengers. After testing the prototype under traffic conditions, our INEKON TRAMS subsidiary will supply chassis and other parts for the reconstruction of one or two vehicles per month", told Ing. Josef Hušek, chairman of the board and director general of Inekon Group. a. s. "We are making effort to get more contracts of similar extent on the Balkan Peninsula."

The triple-articulated tramway car T8-700IT for Sofia was based on the originally double-articulated car T6M-700: a freshly designed, low-floor article with a lifting platform for the disabled was interposed between the front and rear articles. Thanks to the new design the cars obtained a modern look. Also, the electric fitting and safety elements including brakes were renovated. The renovation also included external and internal lighting, heating and driver's cabin. The cars were equipped with an passenger information system. The door area is monitored with cameras for the driver. An important innovation is the measuring of electricity supplied to the car and delivered back to the electricity supply network.

INEKON TRAMS has already provided modernization of tramway cars for Moscow, Izhevsk and Beograd in the past. In the Czech Republic, Inekon participated in the modernization project for trams in the town of Pilsen.