Meopta Started Planning Changes With Training

Another important company adopts the integrated managerial system by Inekon Systems to dynamically connect the control of sales results with tactic planning.

The complex Business Navigation System (BNS) software solution will enable to integrate various analytical and planning methods utilized in each department of Meopta – optika, s. r. o. into a unified version of balance and income sheets for managers. BNS implementation starts two years after the company decided to adopt the AXAPTA service system.

„The project started with a BNS Training course. This was mainly based on practical exercise in planning and analysis of sales, profits and sales performance,“ told Ing. Václav Houser, executive director of Inekon Systems s.r.o."This way, managers and specialists could verify the functionality and user simplicity of the proposed BNS AB system and get acquainted with the principles of business navigation before the implementation itself,“ added V. Houser.

BNS AB (Business Navigation System Advanced Budgeting) is used especially for the creation of Business and Master Plans, for profit management and corporate sales performance management. The system is expected to serve the company management to prepare complete as well as partial calculations and managerial capacity plans. It will support decision-making processes concerning the production in own production plants and in external cooperation.
BNS AB is an open system and provide a number of settings in all phases of planning and analysis. The Meopta company will implement the system both in Czech and English versions. The goal is to ensure information support for the decision-making of the management as well as of the American owner.

"We have invested considerable money in modern information technologies in the last years. Still, we feel an absence of a uniform managerial information set in areas of sales, financing and production '\in a nutshell¤, on one place. BNS should meet this need,“ told Tomáš Vagner, controlling manager of Meopta – optika. "The system should provide management with the crucial , brief and relevant information in the right time,“ said T. Vagner adding that the company management expects to use BNS to support decision-making in the following areas:
· transparent profitability of the product and customer portfolio - support of a graded system of cover contributions for more precise view of product cost effectiveness and higher profit, calculation of the reversal point etc.
· creation of better condition for cost reduction - more precise allocation of fixed costs, obtaining data for more direct analysis of business outcome, analysis and signalization of deviations,
· automation of controlling activities,
· interconnection and automation of the planning process including modeling and simulation,
· information on production productivity with regard to limited production capacity.

BNS is a well-proven and reliable system that solves acute corporate issues like goal setting, precise and flexible planning and result evaluation. Currently, the system is implemented in companies like Madeta, Kofola, Státní tiskárna cenin, Hamé, Metrostav, PNS, Mondi Packaging, Jitona, SC Johnson, TRW – Carr, Matador Automotive Vráble, D Plast Efftec, Česká zbrojovka, Lanex, Jitona, Komterm, Unex, ŽOS Zvolen and Subterra.