Management Quality Increased Thanks to EU Subsidies

The Czech company FV Plats is planning to use the management system from INEKON SYSTEMS to increase their competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets.

The company FV Plats Czech is now a new customer of INEKON SYSTEMS. For the purchase and training of personnel on how to use the new information system, the company received a subsidy from the Operational Program ACT for enterprises - Call II. The investment in the Business Information System Navigation System helps FV Plats managers monitor the development of key indicators faster and easier and respond flexibly to changing market requirements.

"The goal of the ICT program is to increase the competitiveness of small and medium businesses
in industry and services through software solutions. We are pleased that our Business Navigation System meets all the criteria that are stipulated in order to receive the financial support. This is the best proof of the quality our information system provides to our customers",
says Ing. Jan Hušek, PhD, commercial director of INEKON SYSTEMS, s. r. o.

Within the FV Plats company, the new management system will remove a lot of tedious, manual preparation of the information relevant to business management. It provides effective analysis of the past, creates perspective of the future at minimum work difficulty and enables to model the impact of management decisions on the company's business results.

„Thanks to Business Navigation Systems, we get a comprehensive view of our economic performance and balance sheet structure of the company in any time series and on different levels of detail and structure. With this tool we can effectively analyze the past and plan the future so that we can reliably achieve the desired results. This will undoubtedly maximize the satisfaction of both our shareholders and our employees and especially of our customers," said Ing. Kamil Mahovský, director general of FV Plats, a. s.

The company FV Plats specializes on the development, production and sales of plastic system for warm water and cold water distribution
systems and heating systems. Its annual turnover is approximately 1 billion CZK. The company's customers include especially wholesalers, 80 percent of the FV Plast's production is exported.

Since 2002, INEKON SYSTEMS has introduced its Business Navigation Systems in more than sixty companies. Among them are: Agrofert, Metrostav, Budějovický Budvar, Madeta, Stock Plzeň, Farmak, Duslo Šaľa, Budvar, Senior Automotive, Jitona, Mondi Packaging, ŽOS Zvolen, PPS Detva etc.