Management Information System Implemented In Budvar

The leading Czech brewery contracted Inekon Systems, s. r. o., to implement a new planning and analytical system. The system will enable the company to monitor key indicators across all departments using the complex solution of Business Navigation System (BNS).

The BNS integrated software solution by Inekon Systems won the call for tenders and will be utilized by the managers of the state-owned enterprise Budějovický Budvar for continuous updates of annual plans in response to market changes. The system is expected to make the whole planning cycle more precise and shorter thanks to simulations and process and result modeling.

„BNS will bring an integrated way of managerial decision-making. A data interconnection and functional interconnection between occupational plans and analysis plays the crucial role,“ said Ing. Jan Hušek, commercial director of Inekon Systems: „This makes it possible to immediately evaluate the impact of changes on the market on the original plan and take appropriate decisions,“ said J. Hušek.

BNS is a well-proven and efficient system that is able to automatically project the impact of change in one section of the plan to all other sections. Thanks to this, the process of annual planning is easier and saves the the time of the management. An advantage of the system is the ease of use in the MS Excel environment and a structured navigation in the whole system.

"We consider BNS to be a standard management information system that is able to interconnect and process information from different corporate information databases. We are at the beginning of the implementation. We plan to start working with the system in autumn this year,“ said Ing. Petr Žáček, economic director of Budějovický Budvar. "We expect that BNS will be a flexible tool not only for planning but also for processing all necessary reports we need for the work of the middle management in our brewery,“ added P. Žáček.

BNS is a well-proven and reliable system that solves acute corporate issues like goal setting, precise and flexible planning and result evaluation. Currently, the system is implemented in companies like Madeta, Kofola, Státní tiskárna cenin, Hamé, Metrostav, PNS, Mondi Packaging, Jitona, SC Johnson, TRW – Carr, Matador Automotive Vráble, D Plast Efftec, Česká zbrojovka, Lanex, Jitona, Komterm, Unex, ŽOS Zvolen and Subterra.