Inekon to Win Positions on Asian Market
The Czech-Asian Forum is an opportunity to build new business contacts

Inekon Group, a.s. has already signed seven contracts in Asian countries, told Josef Hušek, director general of Inekon on the Czech-Asian Business Forum in BestWestern Kampa in Prague. The total volume of orders that Inekon is preparing for Asia amounts to nearly 700 million euro.

"Rapid economic development in Asian countries is a great opportunity to start business in construction industry, transportation and general infrastructure. We have a number of partners in Asia and we see Asia as one of the key territories with prospect customers,“ told Josef Hušek, chairman of the board and director general of Inekon Group. "I perceive the Czech-Asian Forum as a unique opportunity to gain new information about priorities of commercial chambers and government organizations for investment and business support in Asian countries", he added.

A great contribution to Czech business abroad is the construction of a cement plant in Vietnam. The signing of a 115 million euro contract in June 2006 was a break-through in the stagnant business relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the area of industrial investment units. Also, Inekon signed a 197 million euro contract for the construction of a cement plant in Tajikistan. Currently, financing possibilities are explored for the contract. There are preparations for the modernization of a cement plant going on in Saudi Arabia and especially in Iraq where a contract in the amount of 328 million euro was signed two years ago. The implementation of the contract is being marred by the prolonged fighting in Iraq and lately by the Turkish offensive in Kurdistan.

The oldest Inekon contract on the Asian continent is the modernization of direct current locomotives in Georgia. A past contract from 2001 was tied up with more contracts and the implementation will take place in the second half of this year. Inekon cooperates with Elektrovozostroyitelny zavod in a project of a new double-system electric locomotive.
Repairs and modernization of electric and diesel locomotives are based on previous business activities in Azerbaijan. In the past, spare parts were supplied for ČKD locomotives in Syria where new opportunities are constantly sought, as well as in Iraq.