Inekon Systems to Change Planning in Esa Company

Inekon Systems will deliver to Esa, s. r. o. a system for the support of tactical management control. The proposed solution is based on the well-proven methodical concept of Business Navigation and will be adapted to specific conditions of an international logistic company.

The Business Navigation System Advanced Budgeting (BNS AB) solution is expected to provide a flexible company management based on the functional interconnection of planning processes with a continuous navigation of managers towards achieved results.

"The automatic interconnection of the business result analysis and the preset sliding plan will enable company managers to quickly find the reason of any deviations and take appropriate corrective steps,“ told Ing. Jan Hušek, commercial director of Inekon Systems, s. r. o. "BNS AB - the product we introduce in Esa - is specialized on the tactical branch of management control. It give the possibility to simulate and model the key processes in the company management and their impact on its economic result which brings more variability to the decision-making concerning the corporate strategy," told Mr. Hušek.

Esa will use BNS AB especially for the management of sales and financial performance, storehouse and transportation capacities and for the creation of master plan. "I expect that after the implementation we will have a tool to make the business management of our products more precise and effective,“ told Roman Pekrt, director of Esa.

An advantage of BNS is the standardized MS Excel user environment, the widely used OLAP technology and an integrated system of controlling processes using standard planning and analytical panels.

BNS is a well-proven and reliable system that solves acute corporate issues like goal setting, precise and flexible planning and result evaluation. Currently, the system is implemented in companies like Madeta, Kofola, Státní tiskárna cenin, Hamé, Metrostav, PNS, Mondi Packaging, Jitona, SC Johnson, TRW – Carr, Matador Automotive Vráble, D Plast Efftec, Česká zbrojovka, Lanex, Jitona, Komterm, Unex, ŽOS Zvolen and Subterra.