INEKON SYSTEMS Is Winner In Agrofert

INEKON SYSTEMS won the call for tenders for a management information system for AGROFERT HOLDING to monitor and evaluate the reporting of its subsidiaries.

"The advantage of the solution is a rapid creation of reports and their transmission to each subsidiary and also in the report' high accuracy." AGROFERT will take advantage from the shortening of time needed to prepare each subsidiary's plans and their update.“ saysIng. Jan Hušek, Ph.D., commercial director of INEKON SYSTEMS, s. r. o.

AGROFERT is the second biggest exporter of fertilizers in Europe - the group also includes companies like Lovochemie, Precheza, Precolor and the German company SKW Piesteritz. It manages 51 thousands of hectares of arable land and tens of graineries. In the food production sector, the group includes companies like Kostelecké uzeniny, Maso Planá, Penam bakeries and Olma milk processing plant.