Inekon Re-Writes History of Tramway Transportation in Seattle

Czech trams are to become part of the municipal transportation system that serves millions of people every day

After 420 of trouble-free operation, the tram supplied to Seattle by INEKON GROUP reached some 100,000 kilometer coverage. It is another historical landmark after Czech trams achieved to transport a sum of 500,000 passengers on the line from the suburbian area South Lake Union to the center. Seattle's growing liking for trams is witnessed by the fact that in last November polls the city inhabitants approved a project to build 58 kilometers of new lines till 2020. Negotiations between municipal representation and INEKON GROUP on supplies of more vehicles are on the way already.

"Seattle expects rapid growth of population in the next 20 years. Today, car traffic around the center is often jammed. That is also why tramway transportation seems to be a suitable solution of the transportation problem. For our negotiations it is important that our trams are favorite with the population and they are absolutely reliable,"told Josef Hušek, director general and chairman of the board of INEKON GROUP, a.s

"Around half a million passenger on the No. 1 line in the city demonstrates the huge potential of our tram," said Seattle's mayor Greg Nickles. "The tramway network will become an important local fact in future. It is ecological and it may attract employers to come to the city and stimulate new jobs creation."Currently, Seattle has only one modern tramway line of 4.2 kilometers that runs only three vehicles by the Czech producer INEKON GROUP.

Three low-floor vehicles INEKON 12-Trio were put in operation for Seattle 12. in December 2007. But Seattle, the biggest town of the Washington state and of the American Northwest, is not the only city to run these trams. On the break of 2006 and 2007, three vehicles were supplied to Portland. INEKON GROUP has exported the first Czech trams to this Oregon city and also to Tacoma (Washington) as early as in the early nineties of the last century.

Three new vehicles INEKON 12-Trio were also bought for the U.S. capitol of Washington D.C. The city has not yet completed the construction of the line, the vehicles are conservated and stored in Ostrava depo of INEKON GROUP.