INEKON Helps to Protect Environment in Latin America

INEKON POWER is actively involved in the Czech government's help to developing countries. In collaboration with forestry and woodworking company CE WOOD, Inekon established a public utility company SUSFOREN. Its goal will be the implementation of ecological projects in Latin American countries in collaboration with the Czech Agricultural University. Initially, the company activities will be financed by contributions of the founding members. Later also by funds related to WNO ecological projects, EU programs and other sources.

"Through SUSFOREN, we will help Latin American countries to solve massive deforesting and solve insufficient energy sources and raw materials. Also, we want to contribute to ecological disposal of solid municipal waste dumps," told Ing. Ladislav Tyl, Director General of INEKON POWER, member of the Czech INEKON group. "INEKON POWER will sell all services of both partners and become exclusive supplier of technology for forestry, woodworking and energetic project of the company," said Mr. Tyl.

Together with dumps of solid municipal waste on areas of even several thousand hectares, massive deforestation belongs to the most serious ecologic catastrophes of Latin America.
Approximately 70 percent of soil in the Amazona watershed is utilized as pastures while feeding crops are grown on a great part of the remaining area. According to a report published two years ago by the UNO Food and Agriculture Organization, Latin America loses some 4.3 million hectars of woods every year. Africa is the second biggest deforestation area with no less than 4 million hectares. It is Africa that should become the target of the new SUSFOREN company in future.

According to the FAO report, farming livestock and the related deforestation is one of the most threatening environmental problems in the world. It accounts for 18 percent of emission from the total volume of greenhouse gases (measured in equivalent of CO2) − which is more than transportation produces.