Inekon Heads for Africa: Czech Trams to be Delivered to Senegal

Inekon Group, a.s., holds negotiations with Senegalese government representatives concerning the first construction of the historically first tram line in the capital city of Dakar. Trio trams are planned to operate in the city. Today, both parties have signed a cooperation memorandum in Prague. It includes the draft and general conditions for the future contract. In order to precise the extent of delivery which is estimated to amount to 600 million USD (13,380 billion Czech korunas), a technical and economic study of feasibility will be prepared.

„Together with the representatives of Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Finance in Senegal, we made a tour in the production plant of our subsidiary company Inekon Trams in Ostrava. From that plant, trams of Trio type should be delivered to Dakar. It is the same type of tram that we currently produce for the town of Olomouc and for the cities of Portland, Seattle and Washington D.C. in the USA," told Josef Hušek, chairman of the board and director general of Inekon Group. "We agreed on preparing a study to determine where in Dakar and at what intervals trams are to operate on the line and also what depot to build for the maintenance," told Hušek.

Project financing will be discussed with the Czech Export Bank and insurance should be provided by EGAP. A precise implementation schedule and the phasing of the contract and tram deliveries will depend on the financial possibilities of the Senegalese customer. In this contract, Inekon Group cooperates with the Czech company Silver Bell, s.r.o.