INEKON GROUP to Increase Basic Capital to 200+ million CZK

INEKON GROUP is about to increase basic capital by 169 million CZK to 201.5 million CZK. The company will strengthen its position towards business partners in the implementation of financially demanding contracts in the area of investment units contracted in the last two years. Currently, the company is preparing the construction of cement works in Vietnam, Iraq and Tajikistan. The value of these three contracts exceeds 12 billion CZK. Today, Inekon filed an application to the Commercial Register to record the change of basic capital.

"The volume of certain contracts requires higher basic capital than we have had so far. Cooperating banks and insurance companies will surely welcome this increase as a sign of the holding's stability", said Ing. Josef Hušek, Director General and Chairman of the IENKON GROUP, a. s. board.He added: "No doubt the difference of nearly 170 million CZK in the basic capital will be evident. Although we get new contracts thanks to successful business activities in recent years this is also a way to reinforce our competitiveness. Besides, we are expending our range of action this way."

The Czech commercial and production holding of INEKON GROUP achieved to take advantage of the economic growth in a number of Asian countries. Currently, the company prepares the implementation of contracts in Georgia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Syria, Azerbaijan and Iraq in the total value of almost 700 million. EUR.