Inekon Group participates in supply of more than 100 locomotives for Ukrainian Railways

Prague, 6 August 2012 – INEKON GROUP has acquired a contract to supply components for the manufacture of a total of 112 locomotives worth over CZK 420 million (USD 20.5 million). It will be delivering new static converters for Ukrainian Railways – Ukrzaliznytsia – produced by the Plzen company Di-Elcom. The contract should be completed in 2016.

The locomotives are manufactured in Georgia. The components we deliver are part of the electrical equipment. Six of them have already been completed successfully and have been put into operation,” said Josef Hušek, the General Director and Chairman of the Board of INEKON GROUP, adding, “First we signed a contract for components for ten locomotives. The successful implementation opened doors for us, however, and the contract was extended significantly.

One of the most important contracts for INEKON GROUP so far in countries to the east of the Czech Republic was the supply of two hundred locomotives to the former USSR. The company has also acquired several contracts in Russia to supply trams. It has taken part in the modernisation of locomotives in Georgia and Azerbaijan. In the rail transport sector, INEKON has also entered the Western European market in Italy, Germany and Austria. However, its most important recent success in this area of business is the contract to supply new trams for Seattle, USA.