Inekon completed a historically biggest modernization of tram in our country that is delivered abroad

In collaboration with the Ostrava City Transportation Company, INEKON GROUP completed the biggest project of tram modernization in our country's history delivered to an international customer. The last of eighteen trams for Sofia should leave our plant in Ostrava today. The delivery should be put into operation in the Bulgarian capital by 19 December. The contract for a complete overhaul of used tram vehicle in the amount of more than 13 million Euro was signed by INEKON GROUP three years ago.

Originally, the Czech tram manufacturer was supposed to produce a prototype in the Czech Republic with the overhaul taking place under the manufacturer's supervision by the Sofia-based company TRAMCAR. Following a failure of the Bulgarian partner, the entire serial production was displace to Ostrava.

"The contract was a very complex job from the point of view of organization, logistics and financing. Nevertheless, we started a step-by-step delivery of trams to Sofia as soon as at the end of the last year. Sixteen of them are already in full use by the inhabitants of Sofia. Until now, the trams have covered more than 450,000 kilometers on Sofia's tracks and as far as we know the drivers and passengers really enjoy them," informs Ing. Josef Dvořák, Head of Technical and Production Departments at INEKON GROUP, a. s. and he adds: "On the other hand, talks on contract price increase due to the displacement of production to the Czech Republic and due to the whole implementation conception are still on the way. The original trams, operated for more than 20 years in Bulgaria, were in a very poor condition. We have in fact replaced the vehicle for new in Ostrava."

The purchase of trams fully complying with current European standards and with the requirements for safety, ease of manipulation and passenger comfort was co-finance by the The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. "After the prototype of a modernized tram was handed over, the serial production of the remaining seventeen vehicles was started in August last year. Even if this was the most complex tram park overhaul we have ever done in Ostrava it took only seventeen months to complete," told Ing. Vladimír Ščurek, director of Production Department at INEKON GROUP, a.s.

The original conception of double-articulated tramway cars was extended by a third, low-floor middle article that made the car accessible for the disabled and for women with babies in coaches. The ordinary and traction chassis were overhauled and modernized. Thanks to the new design of the vehicle fronts and coloring, the trams now have a fresh and modern look. Completely overhauled was the electrical installation, safety elements including brakes, exterior and interior lighting, vehicle heating and the driver's cabin. Interiors were furnished with fire-resistant quality materials and electronic information systems. Wherever possible, components and materials of proven Czech quality were used. An important innovation is the measuring of electricity supplied to the car and delivered back to the electricity supply network. In accordance with the investor's requirements, the traction energy consumption was reduce by approximately 30 percent.

INEKON GROUP renovated thirty tramway cars of Beograd in the past but all renovation work was done in Serbia so that the contract price was accordingly lower than in the case of Sofia.