Druchema won its case regarding Tempo car cosmetics in Poland

The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw concluded the longtime case, definitely confirming the right of Druchema, a chemical production and service cooperative, to use the Tempo car cosmetics trademark in Polish market. Thus the court supported the decision of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw, which had already dealt with this dispute between Druchema and the Polish company Inter Global Sp.z o.o. The subject of the dispute was breach of contractual terms and illegal conduct on the part of Inter Global Sp.z o.o., which started selling a similar paste concurrently under the same brand – Tempo. This act meant misleading of the consumer and impairment of Druchema’s rights and business activities.

“Tempo car cosmetics, similarly to Skivo ski waxes, OVO Easter egg paints or Herkules glues, are among Druchema’s key products. Although the dispute took place abroad, which is always complicated for domestic subjects, we did not hesitate to defend ourselves. We were confident from the very beginning that justice is on our side. We are very glad that Polish bodies and courts agreed with us, although it took us 7 years,” says Jan Hušek, Board Vice‑chairman of INEKON GROUP, a.s., Druchema’s parent company. “The Polish market is essential for our car cosmetics; this decision opens new opportunities in collaboration with the PPH Parys company, a key player in Polish market in the field of car cosmetics, with whom we have cooperated for a long time. We expect that we will manage to triple the sales of Tempo products as early as in the next year,” adds Jiří Daněk, Druchema’s Board Chairman.

Druchema, a chemical production and service cooperative, supplied car cosmetics to Inter Global Sp.z o.o. since 1993. However, in 2004 it was proven that this Polish company had abused the Tempo trademark for two years for its own products and had even registered this trademark under its own name at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. In 2005, Druchema filed a request to delete this unjustified registration, which was approved after documenting the proprietary rights for the trademark in 2009. The decision was further confirmed in 2010 by the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw; recently it was definitely confirmed by the Supreme Administrative Court.

Druchema, a chemical production and service cooperative, ranks among Czech traditional companies having a wide assortment of quality products for household, garden, sport and leisure time.
Since 1995, Druchema has been a member of the strong holding company INEKON GROUP, a.s.

Tempo car cosmetics includes a comprehensive range of products for perfect treatment of all kinds of car bodies. Besides washing and cleansing agents, it also offers agents for protection of plastics and rubber parts of vehicles and vehicle interior.