Druchema 55 Year Celebration

Druchema is one of the few Czech labels that became a synonym for their industry. Skivo, Bistrol, Hercules and Tempo are words that owe their popularity and meaning to the label. The Druchema Cooperative was created through the transformation of the biggest Czech cooperative for chemical production. Today, Druchema celebrates its 55 years of business activity in the field of chemical production for household and industrial customers.

"Many years of tradition in the chemical industry makes Druchema obliged to keep justifying our customers' trust. After acquiring the majority share in 1994 we started a process of restructuralization and general transformation of the company. We are pleased to celebrate this anniversary and we are aware that Druchema is a modern European company that sells not only in the home market but also in the neighbouring countries," said Ing. Josef Hušek, chairman of the Inekon Group board and majority shareholder of Druchema v. d.

The production portfolio of Druchema includes 240 products. These are especially industrial fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, paints, soaps and detergents, cleaning and polishing agents and cosmetic products. The main target markets are Poland, Slovakia, Norway and Germany.