Czech Locomotives for Serbia

Today, INEKON GROUP has handed over to Serbian Railways two of ten locomotives that are to intended to serve as switching locomotives. The company brought to a successful end the implementation of a 180 million CZK contract. Two-axle switching locomotives were produced for INEKON GROUP by the Česká Třebová plant of the ČKMS Holding. In the last year, the prototype of the locomotive was awarded Golden Medal on the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

The contract to deliver ten locomotives was signed with our company based on our participation in a call for tenders for Serbian Railways in 2003. The locomotives are a new kind of tractive railway vehicle and we started the production in expectation of interest from more European countries,“ said Ing. Josef Hušek, chairman of the board and director general of INEKON GROUP, a. s. „Currently, we are negotiating deliveries of these locomotives also for other railway transportation providers and industrial producers in the Balkan.“

The locomotives of Serbian Railways are intended for middle heavy switching of engines. They are driven with Caterpillar C15 engines with an output of 392 kW. These diesel locomotives are equipped with safety devices, electro-dynamic brake, double steering, electronic control and diagnostics. According to customer requirements, they have an axial pressure of 18 tons per axis and maximum speed of 80 km per hour.