Low-floor tramway INEKON 01 TRIO is the first basic type of tram developed by INEKON TRAMS. The modern triple-articulated vehicle has a universal design with a lowered floor in the middle section for easy boarding. Disabled persons and passengers with baby carriages can easily board with the help of a electrically controlled telescopic platform.

The vehicle may transport up to 199 passengers, transportation comfort is ensured by the equipment which includes effective ventilation and heating. High passive safety is ensured by the design of the tram body with shock absorbers. Used materials and certified components of the highest technical standard provide for reliable long-term operation with unpretentious maintenance. The comfort and active safety is enhanced by in-built board computers that control the driving and braking of the tram and check all in-built electrical components including camera and information systems. The tram equipment depends on customer requirements, the driver's cabin is air-conditioned. 

Low-floor tramway INEKON 12 TRIO. This design is double-way, with full air-conditioning for the passenger area. The type that is intended especially for the Washington, D. C. has hydro-pneumatic suspension to keep the floor level.

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Basic technical data:

Track width 1 435 mm
Power supply 600 V DC (750 V DC)
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Traction engine output 4 x 90 kW
Track gradient 80‰ up to max. 90‰
Length 20 130 mm
Chassis wheelbase 1 880 mm
Chassis distance 11 800 mm
Body width 2 460 mm
Vehicle height (collapsed collector) 3 460 mm
Collector scope 3 600 – 6 100 mm over TC
Floor height 350/780 mm over TC
Proportion of low-floor area 50 %
Wheel diameter max./min. 610/530 mm
Minimum radius of track curve  
      vertical   250 m
      horizontal 18 m
      Manipulation arc 16 m
Dead weight 26 000 kg ± 5%
Adhesion weight 100 %
Maximum occupancy  
      at 5 passengers per m2 140 passengers
      at 8 passengers per m2  199 passengers

Type drawing: