Water treatment plants

NEKON GROUP offers units for biological treatment of waste water that operate on the principle of a unique Czech technology by the Brno-based company Ecofluid. The USBF process (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration) which separates biological impurities with a fluid filter enables to achieve a high degree of water cleanness without excessive demands on the space of sludge basins. The system is especially suitable for renovation and intensification of existing treatment plants.

The USBF technology has already found utilization in a number of countries. Its importance is going to increase because it complies with toughened requirements for treated water quality which all European countries have to achieve until 2010 (including Czech Republic). The USBF technology is patented in many countries of the world.

Offered deliveries include:

  • modular treatment plants for medium-sized source of pollution (up to 5 thousand equivalent inhabitants)
  • variant mono blocks for water treatment plants that can be connected to one thousand as well as to one million equivalent inhabitants