Trade in raw materials and chemical, metallurgical and machine-engineering products

In the past, INEKON GROUP imported especially the following products and raw materials: vacuum salt, mineral salt, pentaerythritol, Bisfenol A, propylene, lithen, aluminium alloys for foundries. In the first year after the company creation, we imported trichlorethylene from Poland, PVC, ethylene and propylene from Slovakia, chemical petrol from Switzerland, polyethylene and crude oil from Russia. Metallurgical materials have been traded since 2004.

Regular transactions with chemical products:

  • Re-export of calcium carbide from Slovak company NCHZ Nováky to Hungary
  • Deliveries of various raw materials for Spolchemie from Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
  • Import of soya oil, 6,000 tons a year
  • Import of white spirit, approximately 2,500 tons a year
  • Import of floated fluor spar, approximately 6,000 tons a year

Trade in metallurgical material

  • Purchase of cast pieces and sales of products from Severočeská armaturka
  • Purchase and sales of hammered bars from Poldi Hütte Kladno
  • Purchase and sales of metallurgical material from Železárny Hrádek

Individual transactions:

2004 Export of metallurgical material from Czech producers to Egypt for the state sector and private sector.
2005 Export of metallurgical material from Poldi Hütte Kladno to Egypt. Contracted by Egyptian state administration.