Rail-borne vehicles and rail tracks

INEKON GROUP is a traditional suppliers of rail-borne vehicles. The biggest contract was intended for Russia as early as in 1991. In the past, diesel-electric locomotives were supplied to Ukraine, Slovakia and Germany.

Individual transactions:

  • Deliveries of modernized diesel-electric locomotives of series 753,7 produced in ČMKS for private Italian railways (e. g. Ferrovie Nord Milano, RTC, Hupac). 38 locomotives since 2001 for approximately 30 million EUR.
  • Deliveries of electronic devices of Di-Elkom company for the modernization of electric locomotives VI11 of Russian origin. More than 20 sets of the device were delivered to a Georgian repair workshop.
  • Switching locomotives for Serbian Railways - deliveries since 2005, contract for 10 pieces
  • Deliveries of spare parts for ČKD and ŠKODA locomotives to Commonwealth of Independent States, Syria, Vietnam, Albania, Germany and Poland
  • Modernization of electric locomotives in Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Deliveries of new and overhauled wagon carriages to Germany