Trade in raw materials and products

In the area of trading activities, INEKON GROUP specializes in chemical products and in metallurgical and machine-engineering products. Import of raw materials and products is provided especially from EU countries, exports are directed also to Russia, Ukraine and Arab countries.

INEKON GROUP takes advantage of many years of experience and provides deliveries of special raw materials and products that require special manipulation during transport. These include large volume deliveries (metallurgical materials) and chemicals (floated fluor spar for fluoric acid production) and their transport requires increased safety measures. INEKON GROUP regularly delivers calcium carbide (raw material for the production of acetylene) and solvents like white spirit. From Poland, we have been delivering preforms for the production of PET bottles for Czech producers.

INEKON GROUP is also able to provide financing of raw material purchase under favourable conditions.

Regular transactions:

  • Export of rolled products (bars, metal sheets, wires etc.) 
  • Import and re-export of calcium carbide from Slovakia to Hungary 
  • Import of soya oil
  • Import of white spirit 
  • Import of floated fluor spar
  • Import of preforms (raw material for PET bottles production)