The INEKON Group employs approximately 250 persons and the number is keeps increasing each year. Last year, the turnover in sales of goods reached 1 billion crowns, and we expect a similar result this year. Profit before taxation should be around 20 million crowns.

Turnover of business operation of the main companies in the INEKON Holding:

YearTurnover (million CZK)
2002     1 123.4
2003 1 759.3
2004 1 192.5

Most of the INEKON companies' revenue is bound to the completion of investment activities, i. e. business contracts that take several year to implement (e. g. development and production of rail vehicles, deliveries of construction technology unit). This causes year-on-year fluctuation of the reported yearly turnovers from business operations.

Development of shareholder's capital of the main INEKON companies in 2002 - 2004 (in million CZK):

Development of the number of employees in INEKON Group companies:

YearNumber of employees
2002     158
2003 189
2004 243
2005  252