The INEKON Group was established in the year 1990 as a purely private company. The original business activities, especially export of rail vehicles and import of raw materials for chemical industry, soon developed into a commercial and production holding focused on three areas of business activity:

  • rail vehicle and railway tracks
  • chemical products and waste water treatment
  • export of investment units

INEKON Group has a design studio for rail vehicle (company KOLEJOVÁ DOPRAVA) and a production site in Ostrava (INEKON TRAMS).  
The parent company INEKON GROUP organizes exports of investment units and of industrial equipment. The subsidiary company INEKON POWER specializes in deliveries of power plants and industrial technological equipment.
Besides the above mentioned activities, the Group trades chemical and metallurgical products, provides repairs and modernization of rail vehicles and the construction and renovations of railway track superstructures. A relatively new field of activity is the delivery of turn-key contracts for hospitals and health-care facilities.

More details can be found in sections Statistics, Ownership Structure a Group Management