Modernization and repairs of trams

INEKON TRAMS also takes advantage of its capacities and experience for modernizations and repairs of trams. Older as well as recent types can can undergo a general overhaul with modernization or partial modernization can be performed or even only substitution of certain functional elements. The following services are offered to transportation provider that operate trams of Czech or Czechoslovak origin:   

  • Complex technical consultation in the field of tram operation
  • Complete maintenance
  • General overhauls and modernization of trams
  • Extraordinary repairs of trams (in case of accidents)
  • Reconstructions of control systems in the drive mechanism, brakes, information systems etc.
  • Spare parts from the Czech Republic or from other countries including assembly, service and diagnostics

Average age of trams that are operated in the Czech Republic is often more than 25 years. The majority of them were produced in the sixties. Modernization can prolong their service life by another twenty years.

Modernization brings improvement of service parameters, comfort and safety. Also, electricity consumption can be reduced nearly by forty percent. 

Modernization is mostly performed during general overhauls, their extent differs case by case and depends on customer requirements. It may include:

  • Adjustment of tram body, modernization of interior, substitution of door wings, renovation and modernization of chassis
  • Replacement of cable work and its modification for connection of new, modern elements
  • Exchange of control part of the electrical equipment

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