Construction and maintenance of rail tracks

INEKON GROUP provides reconstructions of tram tracks with large-area concrete panels with block rail. The offered construction is a new technology which places rails on a rubber belt into a steel ridge in armoured concrete panels. Subsequently, rubber profiles are pressed in between the rail and the ridge to ensure noise reduction. Rail width (track width) is adjusted according to the distance between the steel ridges in the panel. The track width is determined as required by the customer between 1,000 and 1,524 mm. 

Panels are produced in lengths of 800 - 6,000 mm. Short panels are used in bent section of tracks. The basic support platform is formed by a layer of porous concrete and two layers of special asphalt. After panel placement and rail assembly, air spaces between panels are filled sand or fine gravel and sealed with elastic asphalt. 

This technology is quick to implement, the track has a long service life and the costs of technical maintenance are minimum. In case of need, other kinds of vehicles may run over the tracks. 

Other advantages:

  • Noise reduction during tram operation
  • Dust level reduction in the vicinity of tram track
  • Removal of shock load on tram chassis